GG8 Whales & Horses


Experience the combination of traditional whale watching (GG1 Whale Watching) and the Icelandic horse. Explore the countryside close to Húsavík on an Icelandic horse with experienced riders at your side. The riding trip begins in Saltvík, which is just four minutes by car from Húsavík harbour and can be taken either before or after your whale watching tour.


  • Dependent on your choice of GG1 Whale Watching departure, the time for the horse riding tour will be booked on the same day automatically, according to the combo departure timetable below.
  • You can choose in which order to do the activities. If you prefer whale watching first, you can e.g. take the 09:45 GG1 tour which gives horse riding at 14:00. Or 13:15 GG1 tour which gives horse riding at 10:00.

  • It is assumed that riders are beginners with no or little experience in horse riding and suitable horses are chosen accordingly. If you have more experience in horse riding, please contact Saltvík directly before to your tour via or +354 847 9515 to get a suitable horse.

  • Select your date and departure time for GG1 Whale Watching in the booking calendar below.

Combo Departure Timetable

GG1 Whale Watching
(approx. 3 hours)
Horse Riding
(approx. 2 hours)
08:45 14:00
09:45 14:00
10:45 14:00
12:00 17:00
13:15 10:00
15:15 10:00
16:45 10:00
20:00 17:00
GG8 Whales and Horses, Gentle Giants Whale Watching, Húsavík, Iceland - Saltvík Horse Rental

RATES 2019

ISK 19900 (incl. 11% VAT)

ISK 9900 (incl. 11% VAT)

Not recommended for children under 10 years.

Tailor made tours and other arrangements can be made by contacting our Ticket Center.


A specialized guide, light refreshments (hot chocolate and an Icelandic traditional twisted donut, kleina) and warm overalls and raincoats if needed during the whale watching tour.


April 1st  October 31st. See our whale watching timetable below for daily tours.


Approximately 3 hours whale watching and 2 hours horse riding.

For your safety and comfort, we reserve the right to change schedules, even with short notice, should weather or other conditions change.

GG1 Whale Watching Húsavík - Timetable 2019
GG1 Whale Watching Húsavík Iceland
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